Beads and Jewelry DIY Tips

Beads are small, decorative objects pierced for threading or stringing and made by crystal, wood, agate, glass, amber and other textures. Beads made in people's own hands with unusual but wonderful thoughts have developed into one of the most popular hand-made jewelry products in recent years. Children, the young, the middle-aged and the elderly all have hands-on. The business of DIY beads has become another kind of eye-catching fashion and a shortcut to create a career and get rich.

Of course, when you DIY your jewelry, there are certainly many things you need to pay attention to. The following are some useful jewelry DIY tips. With them, I believe, you'll be more convenient and successful when you create your own jewelry.

Tip number one: magical colorless nail polish

After you finish your works, you need to make knots, and then fix them with superglue, but the glue is dry and white. However, you can use colorless nail polish instead, and not having this problem. It is also good anti-oxidant. Spread it on the copper wire and beads' surfaces which are easily to be faded to prevent discoloration. Paint it on the surface of gold and rose gold jewelry to prevent color changing. Apply it to the surface of diamond beaded jewelry to prevent diamond drilling and make the dry jewelry shiny.

Note: In this process, remember controlling the amount and act quickly to avoid condensation of nail polish. Be careful of not applying nail polish on the hands and clothes, in order to avoid getting difficult to clean them.

Tip number two: the handling of uneven beads

Small pieces of jewelry like bracelets can be hung to one end and hang a weight on the other, pouring hot water from the top to bottom. It'll be done with hanging for some time and drying. If the DIY jewelry is in a larger size, giving it a longer drying time and making the water hotter.

Tip number three: how to save crystal

There are a lot of works which have two sides. If you do not care so much about the inner side, why not use other similar sized beads instead? This saves crystal and also does not affect the appearance.

Tip number four: regular maintenance

After a long time, the fastening will be frayed by crystal's sharp lines. Till then, not only the DIY jewelry is broken, but also the beads will be out, so re-do the fastening for some period of time when you see any fray happens.

Note: however, the gift sent to someone else severely has a chance to be got back and maintained, so use strong fastening lines and make them back and forth for more times when you create it. Elastic line will lose its elasticity over time, so change lines by and by.

Well, DIY always is filled with interests and creativity. They are definitely good gifts for anyone, including yourself.