Jewelry Stores Going the Extra Mile to Prevent Theft

Crimes against jewelry stores result in over 185 million dollars per year in annual losses. These establishments continue to be supreme targets for burglars and robbers with retail jewelers having the greatest risk. Jewelry stores actually lose more money to theft than banks do nationally to robberies. The owners and managers of jewelry stores do not have to sit idly by, however, and just watch their profits go up in smoke. With a few well-conceived plans and procedures, their places of business can greatly reduce the losses that come from criminal activity.

National and local police organizations recommend some strategic planning and effort to help prevent robberies and burglary. First, for example, never have employees open or close the store alone. Instead, have one employee lock the door while at least one other coworker stands off at a distance, cell phone in hand, ready to call the authorities if need be. Along with this, it is also recommended that establishments keep at least two employees on the sales floor at all times. Police say that the chance of armed robbery is much greater if there is only one worker on the floor.

Another course of action to take, according to police, is to never allow strangers into your establishment outside of business hours. Along with this, be sure to confirm the identity of all delivery personnel and cleaning crews before allowing these people into your store.

Along with these personnel procedures, it is also suggested that jewelry stores allow customers to enter only with a buzzer system. If you are afraid that constantly locked doors will have a negative impact on your business, however, an alternative to this would be the use of a doorbell or chime that alerts employees whenever someone enters the establishment.

It is also important to greet all customers that enter your business. Making eye contact with all customers will generally dissuade criminals from choosing your store as these types of people do not like to be noticed.

Authorities say that a properly displayed and functioning surveillance camera system is also imperative to crime prevention. Also, the addition of a hidden surveillance camera will give you video footage of suspected robbers that attempt to destroy or steal your publicly displayed camera.

Another way to deter theft is to have display cases installed with burglary resistant or reinforced glass on both the sides as well as the top. These types of cases will at least slow down if not completely prevent potential burglars from getting to your merchandise.

Finally, it is smart to have an internal “alert system” in place at your store to signal to employees that a suspicious figure is in the establishment. Things such as a code word or phrase can be used to alert staff of potential funny business without frightening normal customers and clientele.