Survival Tips For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project


Homeowners often report that a kitchen remodeling project is worth the hassle, but only if they’ve had a few months to remove themselves from the experience! If you’re considering starting a project of this magnitude, here are a few ways that you can make the entire experience more bearable and less stressful.

Know Where Your Water Shut Off Valves Are Before Starting Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re having a new faucet or dishwasher put in, you’re going to need to turn off the water before removing the old fixtures. Some homes have a shut off valve under the sink that enables homeowners to simply turn off the access to the sink and dishwasher. If you don’t have these, you’ll likely have to turn off the water to your entire home! Luckily, installing a shut off valve that controls the kitchen’s access to water is simple and can typically be done by a handyman before you start your project. It’s a small step, but one that can definitely make your life easier during the remodel.

Move Your Refrigerator

If you’re replacing the flooring or changing the layout of your cabinets, you probably need to move your refrigerator to another part of the home. If you can, plug it in so that it can run in another room in your house. It may be a slight hassle to have to go to another room to get a glass or milk or a snack, but having access to perishables can cut down on the meals that you have to purchase during your kitchen remodeling.

Try To Eat Healthily

You may not expect to gain weight during your kitchen remodeling, but the truth is that most people do gain a little. When you don’t have access to an oven, you may feel forced to eat restaurant foods like burgers and fries or pizza. If you can, look for healthier options such as cold cut subs with light mayo or salads with lower calorie dressings (if your fridge is working, add your own dressing so that you know just how many calories are in each tablespoon of salad dressing!). If possible, try to find a few healthy slow cooker recipes that can be cooked without using your oven. Grocery stores even sell plastic slow cooker liners that can minimize the mess.

Use Disposable Dishes

Now isn’t the time to do dishes by hand, especially if your sink isn’t connected to a water supply. To help make your life easier, buy a supply of disposable cutlery, plates and bowls. While this isn’t a very eco-friendly option, it will be temporary. Once your sink and dishwasher are connected, you’ll be able to go back to washing your own dishes instead of using disposable ones.

While it’s true that a kitchen remodeling project can wreck havoc on your home life, most homeowners report that the end result is well worth the hassle. To help your family survive, use these tips and you’ll end up with a kitchen of your dreams once the remodeling job is complete.