How to Efficiently Organize Small Bathroom

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A family with hectic schedules faces big problems with small, overcrowded bathrooms. Scattered items with no particular place for individual stuff makes it almost impossible to locate any particular item on the bathroom countertop. With restricted time in the morning hours when everyone is in a hurry, searching for your favorite lip-gloss or moisturizer or can of hair mousse might annoy you and make you feel helpless. What you exactly need is a little bit of creativity and a candid judge of your bathroom's contents. This will solve most of your problems.

Few simple steps and most of your problems are out of the bathroom. You may have spent ample amount of money on buying products which you and your family members are not using at present. There might be some items left over by your guests that are again non-usable. You must discard these items in order to free the precious space blocked by these stuff in the overcrowded quarters of the bathroom. You must be aware of the fact that these products, though costly, are costing you more in annoyance and anxiety than it's worth. Perhaps, you'll be startled to see the space that you can free up by wiping out this redundant and unnecessary stuff.

Now check out the leftovers. If you have a drawer for make-up with nothing in order, you can place tiny boxes and baskets to keep particular items in them. Sort out things by making a box for placing lipsticks and glosses, another for all kinds of eye makeup yet another for makeup applicators like brushes and dabs. Keep a separate big basket for hair accessories and keep it under the sink. Next time you think of any hair accessory just take out the basket and then put it in its place.

Do not make your bathroom a store. If you have a tendency to stock up on products used in toilet such as toilet paper, lotion, or toothpaste, think about storing those in a storeroom or linen closet in place of the bathroom. Make sure that all family members are aware of the place to look for a substitution or refill.

Above all, your family must be persuaded to accept the ways to maintain and organize the use of items in the bathroom. They must keep up the ways to use bathroom, as it will be a sheer waste of time organizing everything only to find them tousled and clumsy in the next week. So while reorganizing the bathroom or keeping it systematic make sure that everyone is involved in the process.