How To Clean A Bathroom and Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor?

If you're anything like me, you probably find that, no matter how much you want it to be clean most of all, it's the bathroom you least enjoy cleaning, and the first chore you'd love to teach your kids is how to clean a bathroom. Without question, it's one of the least desirable things to do, and learning how to clean a bathroom well in the shortest time is not one of our main goals for today, no matter how much it can benefit us down the road.

However, by taking the time needed to learn a few tricks, you really can make it easier and faster. For instance, consider how you may use a number of different cleaning agents in your bathroom, some of which you may not use elsewhere in your home. So, what if you just have a place in your bathroom to keep these products. Anything you need, whether for getting after mildew or soap scum, will be right there waiting for you.

In order to figure out how to clean a bathroom best, it may sound trivial, but it's important to plan things out. The first thing to do is start by removing all clothes and towels and things out of the way so you can pick up and get things in order. If there are throw rugs you plan to clean, get them out now too.

One of the top tips I teach when showing people how to clean a bathroom best is to get the shower area done. Chances are, it will be the hardest thing you have to clean, so knocking it off your to-do list will really help. You have the choice of either getting after it with elbow grease, or else using a spray foam cleaner that will allow you to coat the shower and tub and walk away for a bit. This can make it a bit nicer and save some energy for later.

When advising folks on how to clean a bathroom efficiently, I always prompt them to move on to the mirrors at this point. These will not be fun, but you should see a big change, and the results with give you the encouragement to move on! You should be able to actually see in the mirror now, and just nod with approval at your hard work, enjoy the fruits of your labor momentarily, and prepare to move on. From there, why not glance down and hit the faucet handles? If you want, you can use any cleaner that is suitable for use in your kitchen countertop areas. If you have shelves in the vicinity, known them out as well, since learning how to clean a bathroom properly hinges on efficiency.

If you've taken my advice on how to clean a bathroom methodically this way, you really should not have much left between the toilet. It's a good idea to swab the inside of the toilet bowl with a cleaning brush. You may want a different approach for the rim. Here you have not only the top, but also the underside of the lip. The part where the seat attaches to the bowl is always a pleasure too! Underneath the seat seems safe, but I assure you it can get pretty gnarly down there. Likewise, the base of the seat is hard to reach, but well worth it. There's a lot of stuff that can accumulate there.

Having followed all this advice, you now know how to clean a bathroom effectively and efficiently. If you just rub down the baseboards and hit the top of the door, that's about all there is to it. Remove the trash and clean the floor. You've now learned how to clean a bathroom in the quickest time possible, and the worst is over, making the rest of the house a breeze.