PC Satellite TV Without Foreign Channels

Did you know you can now watch live tv online using just your PC and software? If you ever were unable to watch your favorite tv show because someone else in your home was watching a different channel, you can now watch not just that show but 1000 channels from your own computer.

There are 1000s of stations online and your channels can be streamed to your PC using just software. If you have a laptop, just plug your internet connection in, turn on the software and you're able to watch cable TV on the go. Compared to normal cable television, there are no recurring fees. For cable and satellite, I use to pay $ 90 per month for a decent number of channels. Now I pay a one time fee of $ 39.95, and have lifetime unlimited access to all the TV shows, cable, movies, soccer and golf.

How this works is that you just install a piece of software then tell it what you want to watch. There is no need for you to go to your local computer store to buy additional video tuner cards and such. So long as you have broadband not a 56k modem connection you can benefit from this live tv broadcast service and enjoy a full range of international television, and not just the channels your country has distribution rights to. Click and go, the stream cable tv will feed directly to your laptop or PC.

This allows you to watch movies from your LCD screen. Free high quality cable television from your PC, in your room, with a range of 1000 channels and no recording fees. Other TV on PC products, have foreign stuff that I do not understand … this nifty program provides proper DVD stream quality programs like CSI, Lost & 24. This contains the real stuff people want to watch.