Birds Make Great Pets

If you want to get a pet and you live in an apartment and your choices are limited, you should consider a bird. Budgies, canaries and even finches are relatively easy to look after and such a pleasure to have around with their cheerful bird song to greet you every day. Canaries are the better bird if you like constant singing, but make sure you get the male as he is the vocal one.

Budgies are a great choice if you want a more versatile bird, they can be cheeky characters and their cheerful chatter makes it easy to teach them how to talk. They will play with toys and if you let them out they will happily fly around the home. Great little birds to interact with, try to get a young one if you can. Young birds can be identified by the stripes continuing over the forehead to the beak. And the fleshy part above the beak called the cere will be a pale brown color. They can live up to twelve years which is as long as most dogs.

Canaries and budgies need different types of cages. Some canary cages have bars that narrow as they get closer to the top and a budgie cage has bars that are the same distance apart all the way around. A budgie in a canary cage can stick its head through the wire and run up until it is strangled so be careful to get the proper cage. Budgies will need lots of toys, mirrors and things to chew on to keep them entertained. A canary doesn’t care about such things.

Don’t position the cage in full sun and always make sure that they have food and water at all times. The two birds eat different types of seed, so be sure to get the right one for the type. They will both enjoy green leafy vegetables a couple of times a week and they will need shell grit to help them digest their food.