How to Pick Bridal Shower Favors Everyone Loves

Bridal shower favors should be small, portable gifts that can be easily taken home by the guests at the end of the day's festivals. Ideally, they will reflect the theme of the shower or the personality of the bride herself in some way. Bridal shower benefits are actually quite easy to pull together on a shoestring budget with a bit of creativity.

Keeping in mind the unique shower theme or décor, you can organize lovely favors by visiting your local craft store. You can get potpourri and gather it in fine netting, then tie it up with ribbons and a tiny sprig of silk flowers in colors to match the décor to make bridal shower favors. Scented soaps are also nice. Wrap them in squares of pretty cotton floral and tie with a ribbon. If you go to a fabric store, you can find great remnants in a variety of colors.

Check out the cost of miniature, jeweled frames that can be used as place card holders. Mark each person's place by writing their name in script and tucking it into the frame, then let them take the frame home at the end of the day.

For a garden or kitchen bridal shower theme, tiny potted herbs are a thoughtful favor that each guest can put on their kitchen windowsill and use in their own cooking. A starter plant such as a potted bulb or vine is also nice if the bride is known for her green thumb.

For a holiday wedding, bridal shower favors with a Christmas or Hanukah theme are terrific. Christmas tree ornaments, dreidels, or festive cookie cutters are charming tied with ribbons and attached to place cards at each table setting.

Pampering your guests is always a nice idea, too. Scented candles, bath crystals or samplers of nail colors and manicure supplies are unusual ideas that will be sure to be appreciated. The nail color kits are very nice if you're having a "spa" shower. Choose colors that can be worn the day of the wedding and they'll love using them on the big day!