Worker Salary – In A Clothing Factory


Ever wonder how much the workers are getting paid in a clothing factory? I'm sure most of you wake up, get into your nice little Japanese cars (some of you European!) And drive off to work. On the way, you grab a cup of Starbucks for 3 bucks and then head off to your office.

While you may think your work is hectic and you're not getting paid enough, stop to think what others are making on the other side of the world. Minimum wage, depending on the province you are in, is around 70 US dollars a month (if you are lucky)!

These factory workers work long hours (above 60 hrs / week), they have repetitive work (imagine sewing for 10 hours a day), and they make peanuts (not even salted). That is why everything in China is MANUAL, its so cheap. In order to run a clothing factory in the US, everything would need to be automatic.

Salary is way too high as minimum wage is around 7 dollars / hr. Imagine, for 70 dollars, you can only hire a US citizen for 10 hours !! Even if everything is automatic in your US clothing factory, you would still need at least one person to look after things (security guard maybe?). By hiring 1 US citizen in the US, you can hire around 16 people in China !!

Some may say that cost of living is lower in China so even if you only make $ 70 you are still getting a nice life. For those of you that think that, I will personally invite you to China and give you $ 70 a month and let you have a try. Not fun, I guarantee it!