Top 5 Online RSS Readers For Your Convenience

RSS feed reader are very popular among the frequent users of the internet. Almost all of us that are frequently browsing many different sites on the internet would like to be updated on daily basis for the sites that we frequently visit. This will enable us to get the information immediately it is posted on the site. With readers installed we will be able to browse the updated on different sites on one window without opening the sites. This can online be completed is you have an RSS reader. Readers can be installed on your computer or be accessed online free of charge.

There are many online RSS reader however below some of the top 5 online RSS readers available online today.

Google Reader: this reader is owned by the giant online search engine Google. I f you have a Gmail account you will also have access to the reader. There are many tool s that I could list but the best that I will advise you is to sign in and check the guide that is there.

Apart from reading the feed you can also share the feed with others in this reader.

Bloglines: Another giant in the line of the readers. Bloglines, has been there for a long time before all the Readers were there. It has a clean look that makes it easy for the user to follow through. Apart from the look on the reader it also has perfect keyboard shortcuts.

There are also an option to add articles to your blog and even email them to your friends. This makes it another perfect tool for information sharing and distribution.

Apart from these top two there three others that are also almost the same in the look and features with the above mentioned. They also have been in use for long time now though not very famous. These are