Quick and Easy Design Tips

Are you looking for some quick and easy design tips? If you’re tired of bland and boring and ready to decorate your home in a nice design that makes you and your guests feel better, then you need to hear these quick and easy design tips. Some people worry that decorating their home will be too difficult or that they don’t have the talent for proper design but we have tips so easy, anyone can do them.

First you need to know that there are many colors, designs, themes and options to choose from. So many choices sometimes gets overwhelming and it can be hard to know what to do. Before you make any decisions regarding color, themes, styles or furnishings, you need to know what you are working with.

Measure the room or area that you are looking to decorate. With your measurements, also take note of any doors, windows or entryways and where they are located. This will help you prepare for your new design. Be sure you measure the perimeter of the floor, walls and measure from floor to ceiling. Write everything down someplace where you won’t lose it. You may consider creating a design notebook or portfolio to help you.

After you have your measurements, you can begin shopping. Your first step should be to choose your paint. Using your measurements, you can determine how much paint you will need once you select a color that you like. It’s best not to choose a color on a whim. Instead, choose paint chips or color samples of the ones you like the most and bring them home with you. You can then look at them in the room different times throughout the day over the course of about a week. This will help you make a firm decision about your color.

Next, begin considering your furniture. Go with what makes you comfortable and says something about your personal style, not just what you think other people would expect you to have in that space. It’s your home and space and you should do what you want with it. Then you also need to consider furniture placement and be sure the furniture you are considering will fit in your chosen space. Use measurements to be sure.

Finally you can work on the small, finishing touches such as rugs, window coverings, wall décor and more. Remember to go slow and take your time and be sure you choose things that reflect your style and make you happy.