Why is Chloramine in Water?

I thought that chlorine was added to water as a disinfectant and that it was removed before it was sent to our homes. I was mistaken and it was really chloramine.

I learned this while I was researching water quality for my family. We had received a letter from our local water company that said we had elevated levels of lead in our water and that if we wanted to get a water filter that removes lead we could do so.

So, I started researching the filters and found out that there are many other things in water along lead. The list of what had been found long and had things like pesticides, herbicides, biological organizations, and even pharmaceutical drugs. This concern me because all of these things are harmful to the body and the last thing I want to do is drink these things.

I did not know that at some point in time someone decided that chloramines were better disinfectants because they stayed in water longer then chlorine. The chloramine was able to stay in the water until it reached the homes that it serviced. I guess the chlorine escapes the water before it reaches the faucets in homes.

The problem is that the chloramines are also toxic like chlorine and it stays in water longer. There are three versions of chloramines and each one of them can react with other contaminants in water to make more contaminants.

In summary, chloramines are in water as a disinfectant and to keep it disinfected until it is delivered to faucets in homes. The concern or problem is that these are harmful to the body. But they can be removed to make the water quality even better than what it was originally.

If you want to learn more about water and why it is important to have high quality water, then check out my link below.