How to Get to Shattrath

Shattrath is known as the major hub of the Outland. It is located in the northwestern part of Terokkar Forest. Most of its residents are already hero of the Naaru. With two races in one city, Shattrath has been labeled as the first place ever made for both parties.

The city of Shattrath has portals to all capitals of Azeroth. Thus, it is a good portal site for players who want to move to another city. What is important is they are made free for all gamers. But you can not use this option if you desire to head to Stormwind and Thunder Bluff.

The city also housed residents to note that any player would want to connect like Griftah that sells beautiful jewelry located in the south side. Tobias the Filth Gurger can also be seen here who is looking forward to awaiting adventurers. Finally, there is Ernie Packwell a noticeable merchant of goods and figures.

The importance of this city lies in its service to be a major portal leading to all cities and regions in the world of Azeroth. Maybe a lot of players want to join this busy hub because of its widespread use. There are several ways on how to get to Shattrath. The first is to ask a mage to make a portal for you. The portal will automatically take you to the city you desire. The payment would be dependent on how much you are willing to shell out.

Another method in order for you go to Shattrath is to head to the Blasted Lands in Eastern Kingdoms. You simply need to head to the Dark Portal. This allows you to teleport to the said city. But you can only do this if you are level 58. Just be aware that there are elite levels 70 that may attack you. But you can always escape by running away especially if you know you do not have the skills to fight them back. Then go to the Forest of Terrokar where you can then find Shattrath.

There are also various alternatives you can utilize. You can find a flight master who would be willing to take you. Another note is to go to Stormwind or Exodar as your starting point. Here they have portals that can easily take you to Shattrath. If you seem to have problems with the instructions, you can always ask a guard in the world of Azeroth for a more refined explanation.

Going to Shattrath is actually not so difficult. Just look for areas where you can access this wonderful city. So when you connect to your WoW account next time, do not forget to check the city. You'll be amazed by the things that you will certainly see and what you can look around.