Flower Arrangement Ideas

Many people simply leave it too late in the year to start planting seeds and end up paying out more cash for seeds or mature plants. If you have too many seedlings to plant out in your garden this … try selling them instead … please let me explain.

All you need is some quality potting compost and a bunch of old yogurt pots with holes made in the bottom. Then fill the pots with the compost and simply transfer your spare seedlings into them. Grow them for about 2 more weeks in the pots until they reach a good size. Then you can sell them at church fairs, yard sales … you get the idea and make some money, and the seedlings do not go to waste. Another great flower arrangement idea, and making an extra bit of cash, is to sell hanging baskets, especially if you have an eye for design or flower arranging. Firstly, use peat or peat-based compost because this will make handling the baskets easier and safer.

Then start by planting around the base of the basket by using lobelia, nepeta or antirrhinums, these are excellent plants for this. Use about 6 plants around the basket. Next, plant the top by using popular plants like ivy leaf geraniums, helichrysum silver or gold leaf, petunias etc. Then after all that you can sell your completed baskets for anything from $ 24 to $ 32 each at places like yard sales etc. This will be around 50% to 100% more than what they actually cost you to make the baskets. If you have plenty of enthusiasm and creative gardening ideas then you could turn this into a new business venture. You can advertise your services by placing notices in local newsagents and garden centers.

And when you visit a garden to discuss about a potential job, spend plenty of time with your clients by asking about their needs like:

· Do they have children?

· Do they want a cottage garden?

· Are they interested in growing vegetables and herbs?

· Do they prefer a low maintenance patio type garden?

Type up your ideas and suggestions, and make a detailed plan showing where you think things should go. Include a list of suggested plants and give an estimated cost for any major purchases like buying patio slabs or turf for large areas. You can charge anything up to $ 115 for this kind of service depending on your level of expertise and the size of the garden.