Common Container Garden Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

Container gardening is truly a different type of gardening. It is not necessarily any better or worse than any other gardening method, it is simply a unique way to garden. However, when it comes to container gardens, there are many things that are commonly believed that are simply not true.

Myth: Big plants can’t grow in containers.

Most people feel that the huge limitation with container gardening is that larger plants can not grow in containers. This simply is not true. There are many larger plants that can be grown quite well in a container. Even dwarf fruit trees can grow well in a pot. You have thousands of plants that are not going to be limited in a container at all.

Myth: Containers end up with more disease and pest problems.

Many people think that growing your plants in a pot will end up with more diseased plants and more pet problems. This is a common belief because many have experienced indoor pest issues with their potted plants. The reality is that a plant is a plant. They all suffer from these issues equally. The advantage of a container is that if you do have disease or pests is that you can move the one plant away from the others so it will not spread.

Myth: Plants should not be in containers because plants do not like being moved.

Plants do not like being replanted multiple times, but moving them will not hurt them at all. In fact, moving plants has some huge advantages. The first is that if you get hit with a heavy thunderstorm or a late snow storm, you can move your potted plants to a better location to keep them out of the weather. Secondly, if a certain plant is getting too much or too little light, simply moving the plant will fix this problem.

You shouldn’t worry about many of the misconceptions that are said about container gardens because many of them are just not accurate.

In general, container gardens have many mistaken beliefs associated with them. Learn the truth behind many common critiques of these types of gardens to determine if container gardening is something you would truly enjoy doing.