Hitachi Deskstar 7K4000 4TB Review – Fast Drive In A Huge Storage

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An enthusiast who's looking for fast and large storage, the Hitachi Deskstar 7K4000 4TB hard drive is the best you can have. Hitachi is well-known for their electronic products and gives us a highly competitive drive for years such as the Deskstar series. Disk space is not a problem anymore because this drive is packed with huge 4TB storage to handle all your important files.

The HGST Deskstar 7K4000 comes in a standard 3.5 inch drive that runs at 7,200rpm speed for faster data transfer. Accessing files on the drive is fast with its 6GB / s SATA interface and geared with 64MB cache. The 7K4000 series features a halogen free design that supports the green environment and offers a state of the art technology for a better performance such as the 8th generation power management with extended power conditions.

Hitachi has written specs of 204MB / s for its media transfer, an excellent number considering a 7,200rpm drive in a SATA 3 interface. A typical 29 dB acoustics is quiet for its speed and a 6.9 Watts power consumption during its full operation is considerable for a huge drive.


The HGST DeskStar 7K400 was tested against some of the fastest drive available out there to find out how well it performed in the real world applications. Among those are the Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB new versions, WD RE4 2TB enterprise drive and its DeskStar 5K4000 4TB rival.

The DeskStar 7K4000 4TB shows an excellent performance with 161.22MB / s read and 160.71MB / s in write, these results are not too far to its written specs of 204MB / s. It clearly dominates the WD RE4 2TB and its 4TB rival 5K4000, this shows tremendous improvement over the older drive. However, the Barracuda XT 3TB new version comes first but, a slight difference on its figure is clearly noticeable.

On the 2MB random transfer test, the DeskStar 7K4000 continues bringing strong results over its counterparts. It displays consistencies on both read and write while the Barracuda XT fall short in the write department. The WD RE4 2TB is also a great performer while its rival 4TB DeskStar 5K4000 is the slow due to its slow speed.


The DeskStar 7K400 4TB shows a solid performance over its competitor, a consistent results above 160MB / s on both read and write in 2MB sequential transfer is definitely acceptable. By doubling the cache size with 64MB in a SATA 3 interface and a speedy 7,200rpm makes it highly competitive. Hitachi proves it once again its supremacy by giving us the highest capacity drive you can have. This is good news for enthusiast that claims huge storage for their increasing data.