Efficient Vista Registry Is Really Important To Make Your PC Run More Smoothly

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A Vista registry is nothing but a centrally protected deposit, which is needed by the Windows system. The application inimitably describes specific system installation, which also includes system security policy, installed applications and user-specific operating environments. This database gives us information on all installed hardware components and associated configuration information including the version number of each installed system module, and information that is exclusive to certain add-on applications. For each user who has logged on to the system interactively, the Vista Registry contains a complete description of the graphical desktop and network connections for him.

The Vista Registry is occupied by numerous system modules, which start at boot time and are added to or modified by the configuration tools accessed via the Control Panel, User Manager, NT Setup, other administrative utilities, software installation procedures and third-party configuration disks . There are occasions where one has to manually edit the Vista Registry even though NT has many graphical applications that automatically record configuration information in the Vista Registry. One can modify the information directly through the Registry Editor. A registry editor is a special editor that works with the format and layout of the configuration database.

A misstep could cause severe problems with the Operating System if any changes are made to the Vista registry. Here, one should seek a back up of all the files before one does anything with the registry. Navigation, editing or adding a new file to the registry is very easy and user friendly. One just needs to be clear about the performance of the task. In case of a bad registry change, one can recover the system by backing up the files again and clicking 'next'. However, this time one needs to choose 'Restore Files and Settings'. One should click the plus sign next to File in the left panel, then again next to the backup file that one has made. Place a checkbox next to System State. Click Next, Finish, and then OK. After the restoration, click 'Close' and then say 'Yes' to restart the PC. A restoration using Backup will not erase new keys; however it will change pre-existing keys back to their previous data.