Star Gardening: A Guide to Gardening by Starlight

Gardening by the signs of the zodiac

The first farmers were probably the first practical astrologers. Their crops appeared to respond to the signs in the heavens and this became a convenient method of ensuring good harvests and provided a functional approach to husbandry.

Modern agriculture echoes many of these ancient principles.
Certain seasonsought changing conditions which seemed to either help or hinder the growth of crops. Each season presented different alignments in the constellations and these patterns would evolve into horticultural astrology as it is often practiced today. The following is a brief outline of the zodiacal roots of gardening by the stars and signs of the zodiac.


It was believed that in order to insure against infestations when pruning vine crops, trees and woody growths the following formula applied. The Moon must be full in the constellations of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Sagittarius. When pruning is done during this period the plants will not suffer from parasites nor disease.


Ancient gardeners were believers in never grafting plants or trees when the moon was waning or not visible. Decreasing moonlight or the total absence of moonlight was considered crucible in the successful propagation and grafting of all types of vegetation.


Crops and other plants that were to be preserved for future use were always cut while the light of the moon was decreasing. This was believed to aid in the length of time that produce could be stored without spoiling. This was especially true of timber which was to be used in construction. If wood is cut at the end of the winter and during the decline in moonlight it will be hard and durable.

Plant Regeneration

When cutting or gleaning crops and plants that produce more than one yield the moon should be waxing and in its first quarter. Also, the moon must be high in the sky at this time and in conjunction with the planets Venus or Jupiter. When this equation is followed yields will increase and new growth will be rapid.


Sow or plant your garden when the moon is in Taurus, Virgo or Scorpio and is near Saturn. This is the time of maximum benefit for seeds and transplants which, if planed now, will grow with strength and vitality. Also, when the moon is in Libra or Capricorn it is a good time to weed your garden and trim trees and shrubs.

When to Avoid Planting

Never plant any type of vegetation when Saturn is in one of the fixed signs of the zodiac. This will cause poor crops and limited harvests. In ancient times this stellar alignment was associated with famine and death.

The Stellar Gardener

Planting and husbandry by astrological signs should be examined by any gardener as an insightful way to round out on knowledge of horticulture. The ancients studied the natural order of things. It worked for them and it will still work for us if we care to heed these echoes from the past.