Managing Toy Clutter

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Most kids' rooms end up looking like disaster areas in no time. It can be overwhelming to keep up with it all. Kids are constantly accumulating new things and their rooms can get out of control. You probably feel like their rooms are overfilled to begin with, and then they get interested in something new or start up a new hobby that really puts it over the top. Controlling what goes in and what comes out of the room can be a big help. Teach your children how to value their habits and keep things more organized at the same time.

1) First you need somewhere to put all of those big stuffed animals, extra pillows and blankets. Using a large toy box, armoire, or plastic containers that fit under the bed is good idea. Designate the area for large items only. Part of the reason that kids' rooms can get so messy is that they do not have an easy place to put certain things. If cleaning up is hard, they just will not keep up with it, and neither will you. Tossing things into a large container or area is easy. Teach your children that when they clean up, they should start with the big things and work their way down to little things. Getting the big things out of the way first makes it feel like the job is going faster because you can see immediate improvement.

2) Kids need to learn to appreciate the fact that they have nice things and that they should take care of them. You can not expect them to always put everything away, but you can teach them to respect what they have by helping them to "thin the herd" of toys that they keep. Every time your child gets a new toy, have them go through and give an older toy to charity. Hold the new toy ransom until the room is clean and organized. If something is missing parts or is broken, throw it away. They will feel like all of their best toys are in good shape and have a place to go.

3) When you get down to the little things, help your child make piles of like items. Building blocks go in a pile, hair accessories, cars, baby dolls, and other small items should be separated. Then, label containers of appropriate sizes for each thing. Put them in the containers and you're done.

4) The last part of keeping a child's room organized is the closet. You can keep things like board games that get dumped out in the closet so that the pieces are not lost. If you child wants to play a game that they can not reach, you can have them clean an area for it first. Make room in the closet for special toys and games by getting the clothing organized. Use infant hangers or children's hangers to make maximum use of the space without damaging clothes. Baby hangers are also easier for kids to handle, so they're more likely to help you when it's time to put laundry away.

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