Fisher Price Bigfoot Review

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Fisher Price Bigfoot scary or fun? It looks scary but is a lot of fun! This Imaginext Bigfoot toy is produced by Fisher Price. Kids who got a hold of this will surely be thrilled and never let it go. This is one of the top toys this Christmas.

Fisher Price Bigfoot Features

This Bigfoot includes a ball and a remote control. With the ball and the remote control, it can be played in a number of ways. The remote control is in the shape of a foot and has 8 buttons that your kids can use to control the monster.

Press the button on the remote control to make Fisher Price Bigfoot talk, walk, and play. 2 buttons on the remote are used to control his walking directions. It can walk either forward or backwards. Press the ‘Ball’ button so that he can play with his ball. Press the ‘Exercise’ button to make him do some exercises. Press the ‘Mood’ buttons to make him happy, angry, have fun, and sleep.

Be careful when Bigfoot is angry. He shakes his fists and pounds his hands on the chest. He also roars and raises his hands above his head. You can play the ball together with him. Once you press the ‘Ball’ button, he says “Play” and tosses it to you. Toss it back to him and enjoy a fun playtime with Fisher Price Bigfoot.

There is a button located on his belly and in his mouth. When you press the button on his belly, it makes him laugh heartily. Press the button on his mouth and he will chew on his leaf that comes with it. He even says “Excuse me” when he burps to let you know that he enjoys the meal! He certainly has many features that will entertain your kids for hours.

If you are searching for a monster that has a personality and your kids will have lots of fun, then this Fisher Price Bigfoot Monster is the perfect toy! It is an awesome toy that your kids will love to play and spend time with. Get this toy now while stocks last.