Virtual Luggage Tags Have Arrived

If you travel by airplane, rail, or ship you must deal with the matter of identity tags on all your luggage. This seemingly simple task is made difficult by changes in your name (married woman), your address, or your phone number. Then, just as you get the tags updated, one or two are lost in transit when the baggage is handled badly by airport, rail, or ship personnel. Then the process starts over again.

Well, I have good news for you travelers. "Virtual" baggage identity tags are now a reality. You can sit at your computer and create baggage tags that never need to be replaced or updated! Moreover, in the process of creating virtual identity tags, you will be able to provide complete itineraries of your trips for all those people who have a need to know.

The process of creating virtual baggage identification is deceptively simple. First, you must create a web site that lists your name, address, phone number, next of kin, and the hotels you will be staying at during your travels. Next, you create business-card size tags that say OWNER IDENTIFICATION followed by your last name and the URL of your new web site. Place these business-size cards in leather tag holders that are attached to your luggage. To provide friends, neighbors and co-workers about the details of your trip, simply send them an email with a link to your new "travel" web site. Nothing else is required.

Let's now say that one of your suitcases has been misdirected (rarely actually lost) by airline personnel. When the bag is finally located, the airline folks will see your name and website. With a few keystrokes on a computer, they will have your home address, phone number, the name of your hotel, and the dates you will be there.

Smart travelers will also put a full printout of the web page INSIDE each piece of luggage just in case the tags get separated from the baggage. When you get ready for your next vacation or business trip, you need only update the web page. The baggage tags themselves do not need to be changed in any way.

Creating the web site is also simple. First, you must get a Domain Name. Enter these two words in the search box on your browser, and the names of a number of companies will appear. One is just as good as the next. The cost for a unique name for one year should not exceed eight dollars. Next, you must go to a "free" web site creation company. Again, your browser will bring up names of companies. Then get to work. You do not have to know anything about programming, since everything is point-and-click or click-and-drag. Put in photos if you wish and add as much text as you want.

Incidentally, new web sites are in fact free. No advertising. No pop-ups. Nothing to distract from your photos and message. Say goodbye to traditional baggage tags and hello to a simpler way of life.

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