Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed Temperament, Health Issues, Grooming, and Living Conditions

Temperament: It is an intelligent dog and the Swedish Vallhund is well tempered and responds well to training. Here is a dog with lots of affection and will love all the attention that he can get. This dog makes a great companion and has great humor. He is extremely active and has many wonderful diverse character quirks.

The Swedish Vallhund is a dog that wants to have a good leader and to know that they are secure, by knowing that you are the alpha. Without this the dog can get small dog syndrome and this is shown by becoming untrustworthy with children and visitors. Aggressive towards other dogs, bark obsessively, guard obsessively becomes wary of strangers. This is avoidable by the owner becoming a good pack leader offering the security the dog seeks.

Socializing the Swedish Vallhund dog well from an early age can help a lot as well as home rules, the dog has to follow. With the right leadership, this is a really good companion dog. Today this breed has shown to be good as a show dog and great with obedience. As with dogs that have a strong hunting instinct and so care around small pets such as mice or rats is needed.

Health issues: There are a few health issues for the Swedish Vallhund but these are not seen often but can happen these are; Hip dysplasia, cleft palate, retinal dysplasia. As with any dog ​​it is very important that you make sure they are up to date on all vaccinations, de-wormings and heart worm preventatives. It is also suggested by the majority of licensed veterinarians that you take your puppy or dog in for a check up at least twice each year.

Grooming: All that is needed is a good hard brush of bristle and brush the coat every few days. Bathing your dog only when really necessary. The Swedish Vallhund is an average shedder.

Living conditions: With the right amount of daily mental and physical exercise this dog is fine in an apartment. Doing well without a garden but would love one if possible.