Bekaert Wire

Bekaert wire is made out of the same type of high tensile steel as Gaucho, Motto, and Cattleman. In fact all of bekaert high tensile wires are made of the same core material providing the special ZA coating. ZA barbed is coated with Zinc + Aluminum (ZA) to maximize the life of the fence.

It has the same or greater strength than low carbon 12.5 gauge barbed wire. All of there ZA brand barbed wire meet the ASTM standards.

Cattleman 14g barbed wire is said to be the strongest barbed wire money can buy. Proven to be 30% stronger than 15.5 gauge high tensile and 12.5 gauge low carbon wire. Cattleman also guaranteed a long life, less maintenance, increased post spacing, and easier installation as found in the Bekaert fencing product.

Cattleman has taken their line of wire products to a whole new level offering a class three heavy coated galvanized wire which will last twice as long as regular galvanized wire. As well as bekaert wire, Cattleman offers a ZA and paint combination to give your fence a nice green finish and last six time longer than a standard galvanized wire and increase the appearance of your yard.

The 15.5 gauge of Gaucho is as strong as 12.5g low carbon wire but requires less maintenance, is lightweight, lasts longer, and believe it or not less expensive. It is made of high tensile using a smaller wire but keeping the same strength.

One feature unique to Gaucho is the reverse twist design eliminating the need to pre-stretch, reduces sagging, and increases post spacing.

Gaucho wire offers class 3 galvanization, ZA, and ZA with paint coatings similar to cattleman and Bekaert wire.