The Annoyance Of Wrist Watch Strap Repair

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One annoying aspect about watches is how easily their straps break. They have that annoying little pin that slides into the hole at the top of the strap then fixes onto the watch itself. But the strap constantly falls off. If you have a watch for more than two years it will probably happen 4 or 5 times. Usually it can by fixed by yourself. Easily done, just slide the pin back into place. The problem comes when you bend that pin or lose it. Where do you get a new one?

Well of course you take it to a watchmakers to be fixed. Basically you get a new strap. It costs very little and takes a small amount of time to be done. There is virtually no waiting.

The problem comes when the watchmaker asks what strap you want. Nowadays there are so many different types. There are leather and metal straps as well as all different colors and designs. You came into get your watch fixed and you are now faced with the difficult but strangely pleasurably experience of trying to decide what strap will look the best. Which one will give you the most attention?

When you walk out of that shop you may as well be wearing a whole new watch it so little resembles what it looks like a mere five minutes ago. Yes by all means get your strap repaired just remember it is now considered as one of the most important aspects of the watch and can change its whole feel.

I remember I bought an awful watch from the market precisely for the reason that it was cheap. Nasty, but cheap. Like all cheap things from the market it broke within days. I caught the strap in a door and it ripped off. So off I went to the watch repair to get a new one. When I came out of that shop I still had the same awful digital clock face, but instead of the sweaty plastic strap I had a gorgeous green leather one. I loved my watch after that and it has to be said it drew a number of compliments.

The problem comes from course when you have an old watch and the strap breaks maybe for the first time. You go to the repair shop intent on getting the same strap and they no longer have it in stock. In fact it is no longer made. The best advice for that situation is trying the Internet. If that does not work there are enough straps out there to find a similar looking one. It may not quite be the same, but I suppose they are nothing you can do.