Are YOU Killing Your Pet?

Having a pet is an experience that I think everyone should have. It
reaches us on a level that few other experiences can. But, not all of
us can handle the kind of commitment that is required or we just do not
want to. Whatever it is, it is your decision for your life!

The bond between humans and their pets has always been of the
greatest interest. I had read about it and hear people talk about it
but never experienced it for myself until a few years ago. The
experience was deep and meaningful and made me realize that taking
physical and mental care of my pet was as important as taking care of
myself! Thinking that started me on a quest to find products that would
give my pet a long and happy life. Here are some of the things I found.

Many pets are poisoned in the comfort of YOUR home. It is the result of exposure to common household cleaning agents. Some cleaners you use can destroy tissue on contact by acid or alkaline burns! They are absorbed by tissue membranes and go into your pets bloodstream, causing a variety of problems. You may think the pads of their feet are too tough for this but they are not. And the skin of their noses are very sensitive. Walking on the floor you have mopped is dangerous for them because they absorb the chemicals through their feet. Smelling caustics you use irritates the membranes of their noses and lets the poison in that way.

What can you do about this? Many places are now making organic cleaning products that do not have harmful chemicals in them. They work just as well as what we are used to and they are a whole lot safer. You can also find organic pet shampoos, organic flea collars, vitamins, and organic health remedies. Lets start using them and save these beautiful animals we have chosen to share our lives with.