What's Your Pet Personality?

Potential pet owners spend countless hours researching the ins and outs of owning certain types of pets, trying to figure out which furry friend is perfect for them. Do you want a friendly feline to cozy up to after a long day of work, an energetic canine to keep you on your own or a cheerful budgie to help you ring in the morning?

It's not easy trying to determine your pet personality; luckily, we're here to help. Choose the personality type below that best matches your own and see the corresponding description to find out which pet is perfect for you.

Personality Type: Outdoorsy, Active, Outgoing, Passionate, Loud

Perfect Pet: Dog. Dogs are the ideal pet for someone with a lot of energy and passionate. Choosing a dog for a pet means constant care – including long walks at least once a day. Your outgoing personality and passion for life will mesh well with a canine companion because you both need attention and you'll get it from one another. Unfortunately, with your personality, any other type of pet will likely leave you bored and disinterested.

Personality Type: Quiet, Home-Body, Introverted, Artsy, Quiet

Perfect Pet: Cat. If you're the type of person who likes to sit at home and cozy up with a glass of wine and a nice book, a cat will definitely be a good match for you. While a cat still requires care, felines are much easier to take care of compared to most other pets, but will still provide you with the companionship you're looking for in a pet. A dog will be too much work for what you're looking for – and a bird or fish will not satisfy your interests.

Personality Type: On-the-Go, Busy, Workaholic

Perfect Pet: Bird or Fish. Your personality type indicates that you have barely enough time to get yourself dressed in the morning and fix yourself a meal at night – let alone take care of another living thing. But, if you insist on having a pet, a bird or fish is definitely ideal. These pets do not require quite as much work as cats and dogs and can amuse themselves for a significant amount of time. They do not need to be walked or groomed like cats and dogs and have a more relaxed feeding schedule (we're guessing you're away on business quite a bit). But remember, if you've made a commitment to have a pet, it's your responsibility to make sure it has a fun living environment. Just because you're busy does not mean it's okay to neglect your pets – after all, they have feelings too.