6 Household Items That Can Kill or Severely Injure Your Pet

Unfortunately there are numerous things round the house that are healthy and beneficial to humans but can be potentially dangerous to your pets. Once you recognize what these items are. It is wise to pay a special attention to them, to ensure that that sneaky dog ​​of yours does not come in contact with them. If your pet dog is like mine, they will do anything to sniff out these items. So they can get their sneaky little paws on them.

One of my biggest weaknesses is chocolate. And while chocolate has been proven to be high in human friendly antioxidants, it can be lethal to our pets, in particular to your dog. Cats on the other hand are mostly unaffected, because they really do not care for the sweet taste. Depending on the breed of dog you have will determine how he reacts if it consumes chocolate. Apparently the problem with chocolate is the various chemicals called methylxanthine alkaloids. And even though dogs are as crazy about chocolate as humans are these chemicals are potentially dangerous to them.

Amazingly enough it only takes a tiny amount of these chemicals to cause serious problems to the treaties in the heart. Increased amounts of chocolate intake by a dog can be terminal. For instance, a pound of chocolate could easily kill a dog that weighs approximately 16 pounds. Time is of the essence if you find that your pet dog has ateen chocolate. You should first determine how much chocolate your pet has consumed and immediately call your veterinarian for help. It is recommended everyone in your family be aware how potentially dangerous chocolate is to your pet and stress to them to keep it out of their reach.

Failure to recognize that your dog has consumed chocolate could result in severe consequences. Should your pet consume chocolate and be allowed to go for four to six hours without proper treatment it could result in heart failure, seizures, a coma or death.

Another dangerous item is garlic. Garlic looks like it would be reliably harmless, but it can actually cause liver damage, anemia, diarrhea and vomiting. Store-bought mushrooms as well as wild mushrooms can produce liver and kidney damage, anemia and abdominal pain. Onions also cause liver damage, anemia and diarrhea. Cats are actually more sensitive to interviews, so keep this one out of reach of both your cat cat and pet dog. I would not recommend letting your cat or dog drink from your coffee cup as the coca is extremely dangerous and can cause increased heart rate, seizures, diarrhea, and possibly death. Contrary to the effects caffeine has on humans its effects on dogs are negative.

Some of the things that your pet will run into outside can also be very dangerous. If you're a handyman and like to change your radiator fluid, be sure to store your anti-freeze in a sealed container. For some reason dogs love the taste of antifreeze and if they consume it, it can shut down their kidneys. If you have a young puppy that is teething and is chewing on everything, it would be wise to put barricades around your Apple or Cherry trees. While the fruit is harmless, if they were to chew on a route or take leaves or bark, it could be potentially dangerous.

You also need to be very careful of pesticides in lawn treatments you may be using in your yard. Obviously, insecticides are designed to kill insects and contain chemicals that can be hazardous to your pets. Fertilizers and other agents are beneficial to your plants and grass but they can be harmful to your pets.