5 Great Pet Questions to Ask Before Marriage

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You may be wondering why anyone would write about pet questions to ask before marriage. Let me tell you that there are individuals who would not consider marrying anyone if they refused to have pets.

Pets play a critical role for some people and others could care less if they had a pet. What would you do if you were someone who can not live without a pet and then you discover once you are married that your spouse does not want a pet, ever! This is why you need to discuss some questions to ask before marriage. Here are 5 great questions to ask before marriage regarding pets.

1. Did you have pets growing up? This is one of the great pet questions to ask before marriage as it allows your future spouse the opportunity to talk about their previous experiences, whether it be positive or negative. This will give you insight as to why your partner may or may not want pets.

2. Do you want pets? This is the one of the most obvious pet questions to ask before marriage but if you do not ask, how will you know?

3. How much are you willing to spend? This is one of the questions to ask before marriage that is best known early on in the pet decision process. Your spouse may have their heart set on that $ 700 pure bred puppy while you were thinking of going to the pound, save yourself the stress and discuss this before you get married.

4.What happens if the pet gets sick? Will you get the best or cheapest care possible? If you have ever owned a pet you know how much vets can cost. By asking these questions before marriage you will all already know what to do if your pet becomes seriously ill. The last thing you are going to want is a major fight over your sick pet.

5. What about behavior? One of the questions to ask before marriage that will show whether or not your partner is committed to having a pet. We all know that dogs do not train themselves and we have all seen what a poorly trained dog is like. Which would you rather live with?

As you read the above I hope you realize that there are some serious questions to ask before marriage that are not readily apparent to everyone. There are still many other questions to ask before marriage which need to be addressed before you commit the rest of your life. By discovering and answering these questions you are showing your partner that you care and respect them. Also, you are making sure that your both ready for the life long commitment and work that is marriage.

Pets are not the only topic that contain questions to ask before marriage. Give yourself and your future spouse a huge advantage and have the strongest marriage possible before it even starts!