Quickly & Easily Getting Into Shape For Golf

One reason why golf is one of the most popular sports in the world is that you can find a way to enjoy it even if you are just a beginner. And while golf is enjoyable on many levels, it is also tremendously challenging for just about any skill level of player so you never feel that you are out of place on the golf course just because you are having trouble getting the skills down.

But it always helps to have a jump start on the game before you go out with more experienced players. And there are some things you can do to reduce the amount that you appear to be “a rookie” when you head out to the golf course for nine or eighteen holes.

Doing your homework in advance will reduce the amount of “stupid questions” you ask of your more seasoned pals in the game. Just think how you will feel if you go out for your first round of golf ever and your buddies know that but you can converse intelligently about the scoring system, the uses of the various clubs and the nuances of the game, just like an old pro.

So use your enthusiasm for the game of golf to do some reading and “hang out” on some golfing blogs and websites. Each time you hear a new term or don’t understand something about it, ask questions on the message board, in a golf chat room or on a blog. Better for nameless internet golfers to know you are new to this than your pals you want to impress.

Besides knowledge, probably the thing that broadsides rookie golfers the most is the physical demands of the game. In watching golfers on TV, they never seem to break a sweat. That is because they are already in shape for golf. Golfing involves quite a bit of walking and often times you will be carrying your own clubs. This can be quite a physical shock if you are not used to it.

So get toned up on your exercise for a few weeks before you hit the golf course and you will cut down on how much you limp around by the 18th hole. Some brisk walks with the dog or time on the treadmill can do a lot to get your legs up to speed and improve your wind as well so you can get through a vigorous game without difficulty.

Being in shape will also improve your game. If you are huffing and puffing by the 3rd hold, you are going to make some pretty bad shots. And when you are having trouble maintaining a good posture for your shot, it will be apparent to your buddies why you are struggling and you might take some ribbing for being a little flabby for the game. So steal their thunder and get in shape for golf.

Finally, a few golf lessons never killed anyone. You can get some time on the driving range or book a few hours with the local golf pro to get your basics down so when you step out there with your friends, you already have a jump start on being good at the game. If the golf pro works at the course you are going to play with your associates, he will be glad to keep your secret that you got some help to be ready to impress them on your first drive of the game.

Putting some upfront preparation to be ready for the game when you start playing will make it more fun for you and for your friends. You will learn faster and play better which will only make your love of the game more intense and make you want to be out there even more than you already are. And if it means you play better and surprise a few people because, for a rookie, you are in pretty good shape for golf, then the preparation time will be well worth the effort.