Kurt Geiger, Europe's Largest Shoe Company

Driven by the interest in celebrity fashion, there has been a huge uptick in the demand for the Kurt Geiger brands shoes and the company is seeing the largest growth ever in its history. The people behind the brand see the scope for an expansion on a truly gigantic scale in the future of the brand and they predict that this year itself the brand could see a growth of up to forty stores in the United Kingdom itself to cater to the huge demand in women's high fashion foot wear.

The demand for women's designer shoes is one of the things that has confused everyone including most manufacturers themselves because the demand only seems to be getting bigger even though we are going through one of the largest economic crises ever. One would think that one of the first items that women cut from their budgets and reduce spending on would be a high end luxury item like designer women's shoes. With designer shoes for women commanding many hundreds of dollars and up to thousands of dollars for the hot styles of the season, there has still been no softening in the demand for these shoes and women seem to be splurging on them and buying shoes from companies like Kurt Geiger's brand and demand is stronger than ever.

The company, which has more than sixty three own brand stores and more than a hundred and twelve concession outlets in department stores all over the United Kingdom and Ireland is seeing huge growths in its year on year profits and wants to expand abroad as the brand gets larger. It has already partnered with a French retailer to bring the brand to mainland Europe.

Sales of Kurt Geiger's shoes was up by seventeen percent to more than a hundred and eighty two million pounds this year as many of its competitors seem to be struggling to break even and the brand looks to be on a high.

The chief executive of the company Neil Clifford says sales on the internet have been a huge part of the Kurt Geiger success story and that up to around fifteen percent of the sales of designer shoes from the brand have been made on online sites. The chunk of profits that the company makes from online stores will only get larger according to him as more and more people buy shoes online from the comfort of their own homes.