Different Types of Materials Used For Jewelry For Piercings

When it comes to jewelry that is used for your body piercings, there are a variety of different materials that are used for this jewelry. Some metals are great for people who have special sensitivities, and others are especially beautiful, which is a drawing point as well. Some of the most common materials that are used include silver, stainless steel, platinum, and gold. So, let's take a closer look at these options and their benefits and drawbacks.


Silver is a popular choice when it comes to materials used for jewelry for piercings. Both sterling silver and regular silver can be worn in piercings that have totally healed safely, it is important that you never try wearing it in a piercing that has not yet healed. Also, you should not wear this material in your mouth either. Silver is a type of metal that can easily and quickly tarnish, so it can cause your skin to darken from the tarnish. Also, since this type of metal is very soft, there can be scratches that occur that end up trapping bacteria in them, which can lead on to an infection.

Stainless Steel

Another popular type of material used for jewelry in piercings is stainless steel. This type of jewelry can look great, especially when it is well polished. Usually this is a safe choice to wear in your piercings and most people like the way it looks as well. So, it is one type of material that you may want to consider when you are looking for jewelry for your piercing.


Platinum is yet another type of metal that is used for body jewelry as well and it is a great choice since it is inert. Even people who have problems with other types of metal will probably have no problem wearing platinum. While this is a great type of jewelry to wear, you may find that it is too expensive to purchase for many people. Also, it tends to be on the heavy side as well, so it is not a good option for all types of piercings.


Gold is a popular choice for body jewelry and it is very thin as well. While this can be a bad thing if there is too much friction, it can be a great choice for piercings that need to have thin and light jewelry. There are some people who have sensitivities to some types of gold, so you should be careful if you decide to try gold and watch out for any bad reactions.