Fighting Halitosis: How to Knock it Out

You may wonder, what did you offend in a past life to be
punished with bad breath? Sounds dramatic, but that is what
bad breath (halitosis) is-dramatic. It wreaks havoc on your
day and social life and makes you self conscious to the
point of paranoia. When you hear a laugh in the office, you
worry that it is a group of people making fun of your bad
breath. Suddenly, the world looks to revolve around your
bad breath and fighting halitosis. The good news is that
fighting halitosis is easier than you think, so stop
stressing and read on (you'll even learn about a bad breath
home remedy or two!)

Why did you get bad breath?

Every day foods, beverages, medicines, and ailments can
cause bad breath, which is why so many people seek ways of
fighting halitosis. One day you might have fresher breath
than the sea air, but if you're hit by allergies, post
nasal drip and a dry mouth well that fresh breath can
quickly turn foul. Halitosis is also caused by odorous
foods like garlic, dairy, and other foods that might be
caught between your teeth. Alcohol and alcohol-based
mouthwashes dry out the mouth, creating a breeding group
for bacteria responsible for nasty breath. Diabetes is
another culprit for bad breath, as are certain medications.
If you have breath, and continue to eat these foods, it
makes fighting halitosis a challenge. According to the
American Dental Association, halitosis is an embarrassing
condition that is uncomfortable for the person who has it.

Ways of Fighting Halitosis

o Monitor your diet. Avoid excess dairy or acidic foods
like onions.

o Brush and floss your teeth directly after each meal.

o If dining out, take a drink of water and swoosh it around
your mouth to break up any food eaten between your teeth.

o Limit your alcohol consumption and cease tobacco use.

o If allergies and dry mouth cause your halitosis, one bad
breath home remedy is to gargle water and salt.

o Drink plenty of water to ensure your mouth stays moist
and does not dry out.

o Another bad breath home remedy for fighting halitosis is
to chew on herbs such as thyme, mint, or cloves instead of

o Do not overuse mouthwashes as this dries out the mouth. A
bad breath home remedy would be to use lemon and water as a
mouth rinse.

o Do not forget to regularly see your dentist for cleanings.

There are many ways you can develop halitosis, and when you
do it is your body's way of saying, "Hello, pay attention,
here, you're not doing something right. "And boy, does it
get your attention! That "something" you're doing wrong can
be improper diet, a lapse in oral hygiene, sickness, or a
combination. Fighting halitosis is a match that has to be
bought round by round, but if you make some changes in the
products you use, food you eat, and oral hygiene, you'll
knock halitosis out in no time!