To Charge Your Notebook Battery in a Proper Way

A large part of laptop owners never pay their attention to the notebook battery lifespan and leave the battery in notebook since they start to use notebook. In fact, you are advised to charge the battery to 100% … or drain it to be empty. It is said that the best way is to charge the battery to 20% … and to keep it on 98%.

Suppose you find the battery has stopped before it is fully charged. You may need to calibrate the indicator. Not to calibrate it in time will do harm to active the battery. While a part of loss capacity may be recovered if you do it in time. If you bought your battery many years ago, you have to make the it charged fully every time to keep the battery capacity due to memory effect. Of course, you do not need to do the same to your battery if it was bought a few years ago.

You should know that the lithium battery has memory effect. Environment conditions like what temperature you normally keep the battery in, how often you use the battery and so on. The capacity will decrease gradually as time goes. The main factors contain the natural wear and tear as well as adequate maintenance.

You may think it is quite difficult to maintain the battery. In fact, it is not as bad as you expect. Because a well-designed lithium battery does well in preventing over charging and over discharging. As we know over charging and over discharging will reduce the lifespan quickly. So the lithium battery also has its own advantage. To sum up, you can maintain your battery lifeespan well by charging it in a proper way.