Top 3 Foods to Eat While Gaming – Clean Food

1. Popcorn- Perhaps the best gaming food out there. Popcorn is not messy unless you have too much butter. Just light salt it and pour a minor amount of butter on and you're set. You will not get your controller / keyboard / mouse greasy if you do this correctly. You can grab an entire handful and just munch without worrying about a mess. Just keep it in a bowl instead of the microwave bag for easy access and so that you can grab a bunch without needing to look. The inside of the bag is also too greasy, so a bowl is an upside. Definitely better than having Dorito fingers and Dorito breath.

2. Candy Corn- This sweet treat is not just for Halloween! Think about it, you may miss it in the supermarket aisles, but it's there! Just because the colors are white, orange, and yellow does not mean you must buy it in the fall. It's also really cheap, which is a huge plus. This stuff is great because it makes no mess at all. Stickiness is not a problem and neither is grabbing a whole lot at one time. Surely better than having m & m's leaving stains everywhere.

3. Beef Jerky- Check this stuff out. You will love it if you like meat. This meaty treat is dry on the outside, but tender on the inside. A bag of it will last you a couple of days because it is quite filling. If you get tired of it, then you can store it for long amounts of time without worrying about it getting stale. What else? Beef jerky has high protein content and low fat content, meaning that it provides proper nutrition for you.

The next time you go to play your video games, remember popcorn, candy corn, and beef jerky if you want to have a pleasant experience.