PSP Downloads – Tips and Advice For Worry Free Gaming

Think carefully before downloading anything to your PSP.

Here is a few tips and a little advice.

1) Free Download Sites .- If something looks to good to be true it most certainly is! These sites are filled with spyware and viruses and will create havoc in your computer and PSP. Do not be tempted, you will get a sub standard demo game and heaps of problems. No such thing as a free lunch!

2) Download SPS – There can be a massive difference between sites and it is important to chose a speedy site. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for the latest game to download and having to wait hours and hours before you can play it.

3) Customer Service – Most of the good sites have free to download quality software that works very well but its nice to know that there is someone to help you if you need some advice. The good ones respond within 24 hours.

4) Lifetime Membership – I recommend this option. It is by far the safest way to get your games.

Pay a one off fee and download full version original games free for life.

In most cases you will recover the cost of the joining fee when you download your first game. You can then download as many games as you want, when you want free of charge, forever!

I would check that the site has the latest games available to download soon after they are released. You do not want to have to wait ages before playing it!

As an added bonus the good sites will offer free movies and music to download. Most have a massive database so your sure to find what you want in there.

Follow these tips and you will soon have access a lifetime supply of 100's of new PSP games and music at your finger tips!

Happy and Safe Gaming!