How To Attract Beautiful Women

Do you have a wonderful life filled with numerous dates with the most beautiful women around? If not, why not? You can, and you should. I'm going to tell you how to attract beautiful women, not only once or twice, but every time you choose.

1. Be positive. Think, "I can". Think, "I am worthy." See the glass as half full, and suddenly the beautiful women in this world will see you as beautiful too.

2. Dress for the part every day. You may not attract beautiful women to you each and every day, but at least you can act as if you do. You do not want to be wearing old torn jeans and a faded T-shirt when she comes along. Be ready.

3.Get into the habit of treating women as people. It may seem obvious as you read it, but all too many men speak to beautiful women while mentally getting into bed with them. It shows, and the women can tell. You'll do better every time if you treat her as an intelligent equal.

4. Find out what she likes to talk about, then talk about it. No one wants to be bored listening to someone else's pet subject. Few beautiful women are interested in beer and football. Surprise her by showing a real interest in her.

5. Do not get drunk on a first date. Or worse yet, do not try to attract beautiful women while you are drunk! A few drinks are OK as an icebreaker on a first date, but there's a limit. Unfocussed eyes and slurred speech, coupled with boozy breath and wildly uncoordinated actions, does not make for a second date. Trust me on this.

Much of the dating game is common sense. Learning how to attract beautiful women into your life is easier than most men think, but it does require a certain amount of discipline and sensible planning. Get the right mental attitude, keep a smart appearance, see the person – not just the body, then talk to her about what she likes, and stay sober. It's an easy checklist, and it works too!