A Humorous Look At The Benefits Of Breastfeeding

More than a few heated discussions have broken out between mothers who breastfeed and those who have chosen the bottle over the breast. While there are documented physical and emotional benefits of breastfeeding, bottle feeding mothers contend that the benefits of breastfeeding can be reproduced during bottle feeding sessions and breastfeeding is not worth the inconveniences and discomfort.

A mother's personal choice absolutely decides if her child will be bottle or breast fed. Rather than excuse the facts, let's take a humorous look at some of the benefits of breastfeeding your baby.

One great perk of breastfeeding is that you get to wear sexy, easy access, nursing clothes. Most nursing clothes are designed to allow your infant easy access to the breast.

This feature is a great convenience, but it also can lead to inadvertent breast flashes in public if your nursing clothes are not properly secured after feeding your infant. If you find people following you around while out in public, check your shirt.

You get to join the stylish trend of baby wearing. Breast fed infusions often require more frequently than bottle fed infusions. This can lead to the feeling that your child is always attached to your breast.

Baby wearing can be seen inalls, grocery stores and parks across the nation. Baby slings, swaths and holsters are sold that encourage a nursing mother to flaunt her baby wearing style. Some even offer anytime access to the breast- a very nice perk for the infant.

Another wonderful benefit of breastfeeding is the delightful experience of public breastfeeding feeding. Curious onlookers and the not-so-subtle glances of those hoping to catch a glimpse of an exposed breast add to the excitement and tension of trying to nurse your hungry infant in public.

Many women cringe at the thought of public breastfeeding feeding, choosing instead to nurse their infants in bathroom stalls and the back seats of cars. Public breastfeeding for some is an invitation to be free and let it all hang out. Heaven help the poor soul who makes a snide comment or stares too long at this hormonal, sleep deprived mother.

This brings us to the classic sore nipples. There is just no other experience that compares to allowing a hungry infant to chomp, suck, chew and grab a breast that is plagued by bruised, cracked and sore nipples. No amount of prenatal education or coaching by the La Leche League can prepare you properly for sore nipples- it must be experienced to be appreciated.

Viewing the unappealing aspects of breastfeeding with a little humor can help breastfeeding mothers cope. Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience and has documented health benefits for both mother and baby.

The potential pain and humiliation of breastfeeding an infant are endured with a smile by those women who choose to breastfeed their baby for the wonderful physical and emotional benefits of breastfeeding.