WoW Hunter Macro – Use Everything With Less Buttons

The Hunter is one of the most complex classes of World of Warcraft. This is because they deal ranged DPS, are pretty weak against melee attacks and they also have a pet. By those facts alone, you can imagine that it is pretty hard to play one properly. Luckily, there is a very good WoW Hunter macro that can help you.

It is very important to use macros for the simple fact that it makes you a lot faster. Even without using the pet, a Hunter, or any class, has a lot of abilities. In a fight, you will not be able to use all of them because it will take too long to access other skills and spells.

That's why you find yourself losing all the time. Because you can not simply use everything. But with a WoW Hunter macro, that can change. You can use a few abilities and use items at the same time by simply using just one button. You can also use whole sequences of spells by hitting just one button for as many times needed.

That being said, since a Hunter is nothing without his pet, here is a WoW Hunter macro for your pet.

/ cast [@ pet, dead] [mod: shift] Revive Pet
/ cast [nopet, nomod] Call Pet 1
/ clearfocus [@ focus, dead]
/ focus [@ focus, exists] player; target
/ clearfocus [@ focus, noharm]
/ petattack [@ focus, exists]
/ petfollow [@ focus, noexists]
/ cast Hunter's Mark

If your pet is not summoned, it will cast Call Pet 1 (you can edit that for whichver pet you want). If your pet is dead, then by pressing the same macro, it will cast Revive Pet. If you do not have a Focus target, you will Focus on your target and your pet will be sent to attack.

If you already have a Focus, you will clear it and your pet will follow you again. Once you send your pet to attack, you will also Mark your target. You do all of this by just pressing one button.

As you can see, having a good WoW Hunter macro is very important. There are also other macros that do all sorts of things. The point is that they will help you use abilities a lot faster by simply not having to press too many buttons.

You just need to be careful when looking for WoW macros as you can find out-dated ones or bad ones. I would recommend using a specialized program that gives you all the latest macros, that way you'll avoid wasting time looking over the web each time you need one. Only then will you see how important it is to have a proper WoW Hunter macro.