Motorola W375 – The Latest Camera Phone From Net10 and Tracfone

The Motorola W375 is one of the nicest phones Net10 and Tracfone have offered. This phone has almost the same feel as the Razr. It is thicker and a little bit narrower than the Razr. But the solid like you have something solid in your hand feel is there. It is identical to the Moto W370 with the addition of a camera.

The Moto W375 from Net10 is a Single rate flip phone. No extra charges for Long Distance within the United States and No roaming charges either.

To set up your Net Ten phone for international calls go to the Net10 Website and select the “International Long Distance” link on the home page. You will be asked to put in your phones Serial number. Then you will be given instructions on how to call your international long distance number. It is really quite simple. There is an extra 5 cents a minute charge for international calls with Net10.

Tracfone and NET10 are sister companies with different Prepaid cell phone rates. Tracfone and NET Ten are the only Cell phone companies offering a phone in every Zip code in the United States. Roaming is cheaper with Tracfone and Net10 than with any other prepaid cell phone company. Several Tracfones and all Net10 prepaid phones are one rate which means you do not pay extra for Roaming, or Long Distance.

Features of the Motorola W375 include the camera, online access with the simple push of one button, calculator, alarm clock, a great calendar function,stop watch with lap timer, notepad, phone book, flashlight, texting and more. Also external keys allow you to silence your phone without pulling it out of your pocket. or purse.

Phone Security on your W375. You can easily activate auto locking on your phone. This makes it so you have to select 4 keys before you can make a phone call. Want to keep your kids from using up your minutes? This will also make your phone worthless if someone steals your phone. To set up auto locking select “menu” then “settings” then “Security” then “phone lock” then “automatic lock..” You will want to change the password on your phone. Normally Motorola uses “1234” as their initial password.