The Bulldog: A Loyal Companion

The disposition of the Bulldog is courageous, kind, equable and courageous. A Bulldog is never aggressive or wicked. The demeanor of the
Bulldog is very dignified and passive. A Bulldog expresses these personality traits through their behavior and expressions.

A Bulldog is a non-sporting dog that originated in Great Britain. The Bulldog has been known throughout the centers for its amazing guard
abilities and courage. The term bulldog was first used in the sixteenth century. In the seventeenth century Bulldogs were used for bull baiting, which was a popular betting sport that was banned in 1835. Today, the Bulldog is highly responsive for its amicable personality and makes a
beloved companion.

The Bulldog is great with children and other pets. Bulldogs usually have a variety of colors in their smooth, finely textured, short coat.Some of these colors include: red brindle, piebald, solid red, fawn, fallow and solid white. The Bulldog reaches a maximum height of twelve
inches and weighs between forty and fifty pounds.

The Bulldog is known for its cute face that is wrinkly and pushed in.The Bulldog makes an excellent pet because of its easy going and mellow personality. This type of dog requires minimum grooming and only needs a bath on an as needed basis. A Bulldog can be purchased from a
registered breeder online or through the classifieds.

When purchasing a Bulldog remember that you are receiving a very gentle and loyal dog. The life expectancy of a Bulldog is between eight and ten years. The Bulldog has a lower energy level then other dogs and is best kept indoors. The Bulldog is considered to be a house dog thriving
on human interaction. Originally the Bulldog was used in bullfighting. Today the Bulldog is used for much more humane reasons. This is a great dog that makes for a very loving and kind pet.