Common Foot Issues and Shoe Solutions

I often encounter people in my shoe store searching for footwear to alleviate pain from common problems such as corn or plantar fasciitis. We stress that there is no one shoe for one person; every person has different requirements, especially when it comes to shoes, and that no shoe will provide a "cure" for your foot issue. However, we do stress that there are certain aspects of a shoe that might help depending on your needs. All you need, foot ailment or not, is a pair of good, comfortable shoes. What is "comfortable" is up to you and you alone.

Bunions show on the foot at an enlargement or simple "bump" on an irregular spot on the foot. Aside from their appearance, the abnormality can be quite painful. The enlargement can be a moderate bump to a different disfigurement. They can be caused by shoes that fit poorly or genetics, but often there is no reason for why bunions form on our feet, making adding confusion to how bunion should be deal with.

An important part of living with bunions is finding the right shoes that will not put pressure or squeeze the enlarged area. I suggest finding shoes with wider widths or find sandals with adjustable fasteners at the enlarged area of ​​the foot. The Keen Sula may work for moderate bunions; it tends to run wider and also features an adjustable closure Velcro system.

Corns and Calluses
Calluses or corn may be caused and aggravated by pressure on the skin of your foot. These spots of thickened skin on the bottom of the foot are real troublemakers for those that have them because we all need to be on our feet at some point in the day!

When you need to find a shoe for your condition, search for footwear with either a soft or a completely removable footbed. The soft footbed will help reduce pressure on the bottom of your feet and the removable footbed with accommodate orthotics you may have. Try Naot shoes and sandals for a very soft and cushy cork footbed.

Hammer Toe
A "Hammer toe" is a nickname for a type of toe deformity where there is a permanent sideways bend in your middle toe joint. Unfortunately, Hammer Toes are permanent and if you are not correcting with surgery, it is essential that you not exacerbate the condition with ill-fitting shoes.

When searching for shoes look for those with a wide toe box. Shoe inserts and pads may also help, so hunt for shoes with removable footbeds. You may want to try something like the Clarks Un.Ray featuring supportive cushion and a roomy toe box.

Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain and can make moving about on your feet a rather unpleasant experience. Pain can occur in your heel or the bottom of the foot when walking or standing. This condition is most common in middle-aged people or those on their feet frequently such as runners.

I recommend looking for a foot with high arch support to keep the ligament that connects your heel to your toes supported while walking or standing. Try the any Chaco sandal with an anatomical footbed or the APMA approved Dansko Professional clog.

Remember that there is no magical "shoe cure" for your medical foot issues, but certain features of a shoe may ease your pain and help you get through your day with happier feet. Comfortable shoes are the key!