Teddy Bear Party

If you are looking for a birthday party or a celebration with a difference, then consider a teddy bear party. It is a unique party idea guaranteed to appeal to all age groups. A teddy bear party offers creative, hands-on entertainment with the advantage of not having to worry about goody bags as each guest goes home with a new best friend they have made themselves. Teddy bear parties are fast gaining popularity in the UK with opportunities for bear-making online, in the high street and in shopping malls.

The teddy bear party usually starts with a teddy bear hunt where each child searches for the teddy bear that he or she is going to make. This helps burn off some energy before the children get down to the serious business of making the bears. As you know, not all children choose a bear as their favorite animal stuff so you might want to offer some flexibility here – there is a great range of animals from tigers and dogs to rabbits and ducks. There are also a number of games and activities which can be included to continue the teddy bear party theme.

It's always a good idea to have a theme for the party, so choose the bear or animal you're going to make and then adapt the party to suit. Your birthday baby might be into all things pink, so run with a color theme. You can tailor your teddy bear party to suit your budget, with optional extras such as record-a-message voice boxes and clothing. You can also make tiaras, jewelery, or exports for your special friend to add to the fun. Teddy bear parties do not need to be just for birthday parties either. They can be adapted for workshops, Christmas parties and Easter gatherings or even as entertainment for children during wedding or christening celebrations.