What Does Your T-Shirt Say About You?

The old saying that what you wear describes you could not be more true in the case of t-shirts. With the numerous printed t-shirts, designer t-shirts and funny t-shirts out there, the slogan sprawled across your chest speaks a lot about what kind of a person you are! T-shirts out there are not just fashionable; they showcase your attitude in life or even mood for the day. So, here are some of the best t-shirts and the attitude that depict for you to get your act right.

The 'cool' attitude

If you fall in the category who have a cool attitude towards life where everyday problems do not really bother you, purchase t-shirts with logos that portfolio it. The most popular is the one with the famous Rhett Butler statement from Gone With The Wind, "Frankly my dear, I do not give a damn!"

A fan of Shakespeare instead? Try a t-shirt with "Shall I compare them to a summer's day?"

For the humorous ones

If you love humor and have the gift of gab, why not show it on the kind of t-shirts you wear as well? The internet is buzzing with funny t-shirts which you can add to your wardrobe. Try these for a change: "I'm not as dumb as you look" "Where there's a will … I want to be in it" "Out of my mind … back in 5 minutes"

A bit more sarcastic in life?

Instead of bursting a few veins with your sarcasm, load it on your tee. You can purchase t-shirts with fantastic sarcasm like the ones saying – "Excuse me, but do I look like someone who cares?" Egypt "I do not know what makes you dumb but it really works"

Announce a bad day …

If you are having a bad day, a simple slogan on your designer t-shirt can keep everyone out of your way! Some of the best t-shirt slogans to announce your dark day – "Do not disturb I'm disturbed enough already" or more daring onewith "I do not have a license to kill." I have a learner's kill "

Found new love?

There are so many printed cool t-shirts out there for those in love. You can declare your romance and feelings to the whole world with some of these – "Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." You can also pick a funny one-liner on love with "Love is like a game of chess. One false move and you're mated." If you have been jilted in love, you can portray your feelings for that as well, "Love and stops can be cruel .

Show your affiliation

You can show your affiliation for anyone or anything with a t-shirt anytime. So, whether you love a rock band, can not get over a movie you recently watched or totally support a cause, you can show it to the world with a tee that spells it out clearly. For Pink Floyd fans – "I do not need no Educashun" puts you right there.

Whatever you wear, you now know you can do so keeping with your general attitude in life or the mood for the day. Pick one with a self deprecating humor and see how it becomes a conversation starter instantly! After all, you could be the one who is "Licensed To Chill!"