Starting Game Development for iPhone

Due to the increasing popularity and demand for mobile and independent games, the economy of gaming industry has continuously becoming a boom. Virtual games have been updated from different versions to another only to cater the growing need for satisfaction people can get out of playing inside a virtual world. These games have become more breath-taking, more visibly enchanting, and even more challenging. All these have opened the gates for new adventures, new opportunities, and new life breaking moments.

Programmers and game developers have been continuously on a quest for creating independent games without finding a publisher first. With platforms like Apple's App store, things have become much easier and possessions have been opened to everyone for them to develop and sell their own virtual games.

To start developing games for iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you'll need to grab a mac. A mini mac will do but you can always opt for the bigger ones though. And then you need to have the development environment used to develop for iPhone, the X Code. As long as you do not want to release or test on the iPhone itself no development account is required. If you want to test your software on the hardware you need to get a developer account for $ 99 per year. To jumpstart the development you should obtain a game development framework. Free choices are either sparrow or cocos2D. Both have strong communities allowing many people help in case of problems. Getting yourself used to object-oriented programming would easily get you started. If you did not yet develop using Objective-C grabbing a book about it and learning its basics would be helpful. Fortunately, there are tutorials for C ++ programmers who want to start Obj-C development readily accessible anywhere on the net.

Tools make it easy to develop mobile games. A sprite sheet maker, like Texture Packer, is on the top of the list. It allows optimization and organization of graphics objects. On the other hand, if you want to make a game that uses physics simulation you should also get Physics Editor which helps you create the physics definitions for your game objects.

The increasing demand for new, updated, and modern independent and mobile games has paved the way for the success of game development and marketing. Creating mobile games would never be as easy as counting one to three without the help of special tools like sprite sheet makers.