Boy's Room Decor- Transforming his Nursery to a Big Boy's Room that will Grow with Him

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Your baby boy is no longer a baby and his room needs to be transformed from a baby's nursery to a big boy's room. You've put hours of thought and attention into decorating his nursery so that it would be perfect for him as an infant and now you want to do the same for him as he grows. But, be careful, you do not want to be updating his room décor every three months as his interests change. And a little boy's interests change often, sometimes overnight. How can you create a room that is perfect for him now, yet will grow with him? Here are some tips to decorating your boy's room to please him now and later:

· Wallpaper and Paint – If you had decorated his baby nursery with wallpaper and now want to remove it, you have discovered it is a lot of effort! For a big boy's room to grow with him, choose wall décor that is easily removed and changed. For painting a boy's room, select a basic color that is not too babyish: basic blue, green or white will provide a solid back for decorating his room.

· Wall Borders – Another alternative to painting or wallpaper is a room border. Be sure to choose a colorful border that will suit him now and in the future. Avoid the popular characters and heroes of today for your permanent wall décor as they will soon be pushed away for a new and better cast of characters. A basic sports border or colorful design will serve you best.

· Wall Décor – This is where decorating gets fun. There are so many selections of wall décor available for a boy's room today that finding colorful, personalized wall décor is easy and fun. Keep in mind wall décor can be easily removed and updated as your son grows and his interests change. Be creative in your wall décor selections by seeking out unusual artwork such as growth charts, intrate picture frames, treasure maps or artistic renderings of our world.

· Rugs – Even if your carpeting is bland and non-descript, your child's floorspace can be transformed into a fun place to play. Children's rugs can be moved, changed and folded, allowing another area where you can keep your boy's room décor updated as he grows. Children's rugs are one place you can indulge his delights at any point in time. A Scooby-Doo rug can be tossed side and replaced by a baseball rug easily.

· Children's Furniture – As you will likely not want to be investing in new furniture for your child every year, you will want to choose a boy's furniture that will suit him now and not become outdated as he grows. Select furniture that is sturdy and high-quality. A traditional, classic style can be made more exciting through a creative use of boy's room accessories such as funky clocks, cool lighting and lamps, decorative dresser knobs and fun outlet covers. Boy's bedding and pillows are a great way to provide color and décor that can be easily and affordably updated.

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