Why You Need Proper Sailing Clothing

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If you are heading out for a relaxing sail around your local coastline on a balmy summer's day, special sailing clothing might be the last thing on your mind. You may be tempted to hit the ocean waves in some deck shoes, shorts and your sunglasses but this is highly irresponsible behavior. Specialist sailing clothing is a must for any seaman, whether you sail as a hobby or for your work.

The fact is that, no matter how lovely a day you decide to go sailing on, the conditions could quickly change or something could go very wrong, very fast. In these circumstances you will really appreciate that you remembered to wear the proper sailing clothing.

Even if the weather stays lovely and the sea stays calm, navigational issues could leave you far out at sea in uniquate sailing clothing. Getting stranded out on the ocean or falling overboard can become dangerous if you are not wearing the correct clothing. Hypothermia is a real risk for sailors, especially in the cold waters of the British coast

On top of all this, the right clothing can dramatically improve your performance on the ocean waves. For serious sailors and for rookies alike, this is a real bonus. Specialist clothing will not only help to keep you sage out on the water, but it is also designed to improve your performance.

Whilst the right kind of jacket will not turn you into Ellen MacArthur, it will allow you the warmth, waterproofing, breathability and flexibility you need to sail to the very best of your abilities. Staying warm and staying dry are key to a good performance out on the water, even in warm weather strong breezes combined with cold water can make it difficult to grip and move with the strength and flexibility you need to sail well.

As well as staying warm and dry, you also need your sailing clothing to allow for intense movement and to be breathable enough so that you can sweat without becoming wet and cold. Specialist sailing clothing is specifically designed to allow you the best movement, warmth, dryness and breathability.

Whether you are a casual yachtsman or a serious sailor, it is time to hand up your deck shoes and your sunnies, and instead invest in some good, practical ocean wear. For the more fashion conscious sea-goers there are many stylish options available so you can look good, stay safe and sail well all at once!

To find good-looking, high performance sailing clothing that will keep you safe at sea, there are loads of different quality brands out there. Some of the top brands who produce fantastic sailing clothing include Gill, Chatham, Gul, Henri Lloyd, Marinepool, Xm, Nauicalia and Musto.

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