Image Consultants for Male Clients

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This article explains how men can use an image consultant. It focuses on grooming, wardrobe, and footwear.


Men who use image consultants consistently display better grooming, and take more time to fix their hair properly with haircuts, styling, and pomade. Grooming advisors can help men with all these aspects of appearance.

An image consultant is usually with you for a few hours, and he may also communicate with you by telephone or email. You might also send a photo or two to your stylist for feedback. The personal stylist can then follow your progress as you change your hairstyle and haircut. This is one of the most effective ways to partner with a consultant to get better grooming.

To be sure, a grooming advisor can help you with an appropriate hairstyle as well as with selecting a trained barber. This is the first step on the road to having a better image as a successful businessman or artist since hair is a critical factor in the way others see you.


Male professionals can use a stylist in a variety of ways to improve their wardrobe. Male attorneys, for instance, can use the services of a trained personal stylist for themselves as well as for their clients. Such stylists can advise an attorney on how clients should dress for maximum effect in civil and criminal court proceedings and depositions. Research indicates, for example, that a certain fit in suits can cause juries to give more credibility to clients in civil cases.

Other male professionals, such as bankers and musicians, can use the services of a personal stylist to help them refine their outfits for work and play. Consultants are trained to help you select suits as well as sport coats and pants. They can also help you select the best outfits for dates and business presentations.


A style consultant can help men by steering them toward more effective footwear, no matter what their profession. Selecting proper footwear can help you define yourself and can also contribute toward creating a favorable response in others.

Men can also use a personal advisor to suggest new footwear styles that they might not have otherwise considered. Many men, for example, wear slippery dress shoes with leather soles. They might be unaware of the advantages of rubber soles, advantages which pertain to the way rubber performs on both dry and wet surfaces.

The bottom line is that an image consultant can help men by giving them objective feedback and advice, something they typically will not receive from friends and family. Professional advice about grooming, wardrobe, footwear, and other matters can assist men who are on their way up and who want to make a good impression in business and social situations.

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