A Diamond Eternity Ring For Keeps

Synonymous with diamonds is the word “forever.” This is basically why most people-especially couples-choose this as a symbol of their affection and eternal love for their partner by putting it in a ring or any other jewelry. Unless stolen or lost, real diamonds are meant to stand the test of time and generations. No wonder these are considered as the most expensive mineral used as a gem.

For men, a pair or two of jewelry is enough. But when it comes to women, it is altogether a different story. Most of the time, men have to contend in buying the engagement or wedding ring alone to keep some element of surprise while women would want to have a companion while choosing a ring to get better perspectives.

A ring to stand the test of time

If there were one kind of ring that exemplifies eternal sparkle and beauty, that would be the diamond eternity ring. Long before, diamond eternity rings were already described as the as the best “dress” or the “best wedding ring” because its endless or eternal loop is great symbol of love that would last for eternity.

Generally, all diamond eternity rings are set with a stone or diamond set. These are categorized as a “full eternity” ring-that has stones set completely around the shank-and a “half eternity” ring-which has stones set partially around the shank. Today, many eternity rings come multi-stranded or plaited, among other themes or designs.

If you are looking forward to getting a diamond eternity ring-whether as a wedding or engagement, for purely personal satisfaction, or a major investment-take note of its special characteristics aside from carefully examining the 4Cs-the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

In a jewelry store, two diamonds may look alike but they can be very different and just like two diamonds of equal size that have very different values. The four qualities of a diamond namely color, clarity, cut and carat weight determine the real value of the gem you are looking for. These standards are also applicable to most gemstones.

Usually, a full diamond eternity ring costs twice or thrice as much than the half eternity because it has more diamonds. More and more people-especially women-focus in buying half diamond eternity rings that have stones concentrated in the “head” or front of the ring because they can easily be sized compared to full eternity rings, more comfortable to wear, and less expensive.

Bear in mind that square, oblong and round stones are excellent choices for diamond eternity rings because of its continuity.

Don’t forget to compare prices. Diamond eternity rings need not always be expensive. If you have found a design that you really admire in a specific jewelry store or an online jeweler, try looking in other stores because they might be selling the same product with the same specifications for a lesser price. Make sure that you at least have a minor comparison of prices from several different jewelers before you finally buy that princess cut diamond engagement ring.

Check and double-check the bill of sale carefully. After buying your dream diamond eternity ring, make sure that everything about the ring is fully described in written from and explained to you by the jeweler.