Basic Herb Garden Design Tips

Basic herb garden design tips are very much available today over the internet or magazines about gardening. Many homeowners desired that their garden will be filled with functional and fragrant herbs however they do not know exactly how to plant garden herbs so here are some tips for designing herb gardens. These tips can help you in getting the best results possible from your herb plants. You can be able to grow healthier herbs very easily in just a short time. Furthermore, your garden will look spectacular too.

When starting a basic herb garden design, you must first find the best spot for growing your herbs. The best area should be able to get full sunlight for at least 6 – 8 hours a day. Your soil must be dark and rich as well as filled with so many nutrients. Once these are all set, you can now start designing and planting and eventually using your herbs. In due time, you can have a wonderful garden in your own home that you can use all year round.

Most of the basic herb garden design is positioned in a geometric shape. If you love a formal garden look, you may want to use box woods for edging your garden beds. For a much more country look, you may use an old wheel of a wagon to plant your herbs, instead. If you are planning to use your favorite herbs more, you should buy 3 – 5 plants of them. However, if you are just purchasing an herb because of its looks or smells, then you may want to buy only 1 – 3 plants.

One of the most essential tips in basic herb garden design is to place and plant your herbs by groups of 3, 5, 7, or more. Not for any other reason or what, most of the designs for basic herb gardening looks best in odd numbered groups. This is what you will notice in most homes with spectacular gardens. Groupings are in odd numbers and they look the best.

As a matter of fact, just knowing the number of plants that you may use in each group will not really help you in basic herb garden design especially if you do not really know where you will place your plants. As you notice in your environment, plants usually do not grow in such tidy rows but instead in a curve where some of the plants are jutting forward and the others are just hanging back. Designing your herb garden can be difficult but it definitely entails a lot of fun.

You can start a patio herb garden for your fresh herbs if you do not have any place to plant in your garden as a starter for your basic herb garden design. It will just give you the same satisfaction when you know that your herbs for your cooking are fresh, organically grown, and pesticide free just like what the garden herbs can give you. Another is by designing a windowsill herb garden for fresh herbs all year round. The same satisfaction is what you can get.

Actually, most herbs are really easy to maintain plus you do not need daily watering if your soil is soak thoroughly by watering them deeply. They also do not need fertilizer however, a little of mixed compost in the soil will help them grow much healthier. They only need weeding regularly because weeds can get the nutrients in the soil instead of your herbs. So, have you already decided on your first basic herb garden design now?