Fine Jewelry – Keeping Your Jewelry Safe From Burglars

It is very important to keep your fine jewelry in safe places so as to prevent burglars from taking away your precious pieces. There are lots of households who just leave their fine jewelry lying around on the dressing tables, which they are ruing the pain of losing them so easily to burglary.

So what can you do to keep your jewelry safe from burglars? Let us discuss here:

One good idea is to keep your jewelry in “real items” such as can, books, and even electrical outlets. These places are too obvious for the burglars to take note of. The burglars will most likely think that your jewelry should be hidden in a safe or jewelry boxes, whereby they will usually rush through and look through the obvious spots rather than opening every books on the bookshelves or shaking every can in the fridge.

If you are deciding to use soda cans to hide your fine jewelry, make sure that you stuff enough tissues with your jewelry into them so as to prevent them from producing rattling sounds when shake.

A burglary will usually take place in the dark and the burglar will most like need to rush through to avoid detection. The likelihood of them finding a hidden compartment among electrical outlets or soda cans will be very slim, which explains why these places are the best choice when comes to hiding your fine jewelry.

Always be prepared, you will never know when a burglary will occur even though the security nowadays is better than the past.